Have you ever thought about who you would want with you in the event of an apocalypse?  Yeah, I know, kind of a random question, but…it could happen.  And if it does, now is probably a better time to figure this out than after the craziness starts.  Like, who do you know who can cook?  I don’t mean like the normal person, I mean the person who can take the odds and ends left in the fridge, the few cans of random stuff in the pantry, and make an AMAZING four-course meal.  THAT person.  Might be a good friend to have when the grocery stores stop carrying fresh produce or meat of any kind.  I know a guy who is great at decorating a Christmas tree, designing an adorable gift basket, can lay wood floors, replace baseboards and fix drywall like a pro, is a great shot and knows defensive tactics (yeah, he’s gonna be in BIG demand, just saying).

In case you were wondering, I have a special talent too.  It’s not the ability to build a shelter out of string and palm branches, but it’s almost that good. I know the lyrics to many theme songs from popular television shows from the 70’s and 80’s.  I’ll wait a moment to let that sink in.  I know.  It’s awesome.  Words to Brady Bunch theme song?  Know ‘em.  Gilligan’s Island?  Oh yeah. The Jeffersons?  Are you kidding me?  In my SLEEP!

Now, before you get all judgy about my parents, you should know I was a child who spent LOTS of time playing outdoors until the sun went down, always did my homework and enjoyed babysitting and reading and writing poetry and taking piano lessons (okay I didn’t actually enjoy piano lessons) and all sorts of activities OTHER than watching TV.

I also spent A LOT of time at church – Sundays, youth group, Christmas program practice, choir rehearsal, church clean up days, vacation Bible school – a LOT of time.

But it has not escaped me how I know the words to so many television theme songs from my childhood, and so many popular songs I have enjoyed over the years, and yet know so few verses from a book I claim (and COMPLETELY believe) to be the Word of God.

This month we are beginning something new-ish in your kids’ classrooms.  I say new-“ish” because, while we have been doing it in part, we will now be emphasizing it more than ever before.  The curriculum we use references one verse for each month.  And, while we have been sending that verse home with kids, playing games involving that verse and celebrating kids who have memorized that verse, we have not made it the priority I believe we can.  So, that changes now.  Your kids have been sent home with this month’s verse.  They will get the opportunity at the beginning of class during the next three weeks to recite the verse.  If the classes reach their goal of number of kids who have recited the verse, they will earn a classroom prize.  And guess what?  Many of your kids had the verse memorized by the end of class TODAY.  Yay!

But why is this so important?  I mean, really.  We have Bibles.  We have computers.  We have Bible apps.  We have Google.  Need a verse about forgiveness?  Found in seconds.  Want a passage about comfort?  No problem.  But I think all of those theme songs from my childhood I still remember so clearly are still in my memory for a reason.  (And not because of their crazy-good lyrics.)  They were ingrained in my brain because I was a child and children’s minds are like ginormous sponges that soak up whatever they are exposed to – the good, the bad and the synthesizer – and that was what I heard.  Those were the songs letting me know my favorite show was ABOUT TO COME ON.   Of COURSE I memorized them!

But how often are our kids HEARING God’s Word?  And how often are they SAYING it?  And, for that matter, how often are we rewarding them for taking powerful words and soaking them up in their hearts?

And, even if we are not faced with an apocalypse, aren’t we presented with days and moments when we need God’s Word, His comfort, His strength, IMMEDIATELY?  Not after we check our phones.  Text our friends asking, “Where is the verse that says…?”  Flip through our Bibles muttering, “I know it is here somewhere….”

I think those moments come up a lot.  For us AND for our KIDS.  That being said, how about we begin to take God’s Word and help our kids imprint it on their hearts.  Say it.  Act it out.  Sing it.  Soak it up.  Not like a theme song from some goofy TV show.

Like the best song ever written.

Take THAT, Gilligan.

In Christ,
Melinda Lamera