When I close my eyes, I can see it clearly.  It wasn’t a large room, but it had a huge window.  My bed sat right next to the window.  The room was on the second floor and the patio cover my father built was right under my window.  Intertwined among the wooden slats of the patio was a flowering vine which bloomed every spring.  I remember laying in bed, my window wide open, listening to the birds and smelling the flowers.  I was a princess high in a tower with all of nature surrounding me. Until my mom called me downstairs to unload the dishwasher.
Last Sunday, your kids were asked to draw a picture of their idea of a PERFECT bedroom.  They were told they could put anything they wanted in this room.  We were finishing up our discussion on DETERMINATION and how remembering that God knows the end of our story (Heaven) can help us stay determined to complete God’s mission for us. We talked about how God has a special place/room for us in Heaven and that it will be AMAZING! And kids absolutely LOVED the opportunity to think of all the cool gadgets, toys and foods (yes, one inventive young man decided to put a milk shake machine in HIS room – seriously – can you say BRILLIANT) to put inside THEIR rooms.  There were giant televisions and gaming systems and life-size doll houses and flowers and Legos and canopy beds.  I encouraged kids to come up in front of the class and speak into a microphone (this is always a hit) while explaining their pictures to the class.  Now the point WASN’T to get kids to see Heaven as a place of things, but to help them picture a super wonderful ending (kiddo-style) waiting for them.  And to remember that, despite all the unknowns in their lives, for those who ask Jesus to be their forever friend, Heaven is a KNOWN.
But one picture stood out.  And it made me think.
One young girl proudly stood beside me, and spoke into the microphone.  She showed everyone HER room.  A window, some flowers, a bed – the usual stuff.  Then she pointed excitedly to a picture of a person.  It wasn’t her, though.  It was her sister.  Because, see, her ideal room was one where her SISTER was also.
Now I don’t know about you, but my ideal bedroom as a child was NOT one I shared with someone else.  It was ALL MINE.  I didn’t want to share a room with anyone.  Nobody.  NO-one.
But here was a little girl whose idea of the PERFECT room was one she shared with her sister.  Wow.
And I began to think of how I picture heaven.  I don’t know about you, but I think about Heaven. A LOT.  There are days when I seriously ACHE for a place without sadness.  Pain. Death.  Sin.  Disappointment.  And yes, I think of getting to spend eternity with believers who have gone before me and walk beside me.  But, in those moments when I long for my “forever home,” when I paint a picture in my mind of Heaven, what stands out the most?  A place where I can be with Jesus? Where I will find rest and happiness?  Where I will never suffer again?  Or do I picture WHO will be with me?  These people I see each day.  The ones I say I love.  Care about.  And the ones I don’t know.  But ones that OTHER people love and care about.  WHERE will they be?  Is my picture of Heaven drawn with them in mind?  If I say yes, then I must ask what I am doing each day to make sure that happens.  Because, while my Heavenly Father is preparing a place for ME, He is also preparing a place for OTHERS.  And they need to know that.  More than anything else.
So here is the picture of my room in Heaven.  Here are the flowers I can’t grow on earth but bloom beautifully there.  Here are the pictures on the walls that I made.  Ones I can draw in Heaven but couldn’t on earth.  Here is my bed.  It’s a canopy bed, pink and ruffly.  And ALWAYS made – yay!  Oh, and here’s my milkshake machine, cause… cause I LOVE milkshakes – duh!  But notice this room is a BIG room.
It was made by a loving Father for ALL of His redeemed children.
MY job is tell EVERYONE about it.
Because this room was made to share.
Melinda Lamera
Sun Grove Children’s Ministry