Child Dedication (or as we like to call it, BabyD) is not just an event, it is the beginning of a partnership between you and your church family. We want to encourage and support you as parents. We want to provide you with resources that help you leverage the everyday moments with your child.

Your kids grow up really fast, and we believe that when you imagine the end of your parenting journey, it will enable you to distinguish more clearly between what matters and what matters most.

BabyD is an event for parents and children (ages birth to 4 years old) and their families. We encourage you to invite people who will support you and your child throughout your parenting journey.

There is no charge for BabyD.
If you have more questions before you sign up for BabyD, please contact our Family Ministry Department at

Upcoming Dates

Fall Dates:

September 24th (Baby D will be in both main services)